Just like many Southern European countries, Italy also tried hard to get its immigration approach to the right tone. In the year 1980, Italy was changed from an emigrant’s country that provided more number of immigrants to US in the 19th and 20th centuries in comparison to any other country in Europe. But now there are many challenges that immigration poses to Italy. Due to the Southern border it is easy for immigrants who do not have proper document to move to Italy. Recent studies show that Italy migration has achieved unbelievable levels. There have been around 272,000 admissions which are legal from various countries.

Requirement for an Italian visa depends a lot on your nationality status and its validity depends on the kind of visa you have filed. Types of Italian visas are discussed below.

Student Visa:

This type of visa is needed for people who want to study in the University of Italy or a school for a given period of time. Generally the time period is not very long; 90 days or longer but not more than a year.

Business Visa:

This type of visa in Italy is given to business travelers who enter the country for either official or commercial work. The employer is required to give a letter to the Consulate of Italy giving details of the persons visit and duration of the stay. People who are self employed are also required to give a statement explaining the purpose of their visit.

Some other Italian visas are:

* National visa
* Italian Visa for European Union
* Italian visa for European nationals who are not the EU members
* Italian visa for citizens of African, Asian and American countries

Nationals of EU just need a passport which is valid or an ID card in order to stay as well as work in Italy. It is important that the person registers at an Italian police station if he owns a residence. Tourists coming from Canada, US, Australia, Brazil, Switzerland, Japan and Israel do not require a visa for at least 3 months.

There are some important documents you require when you file for an Italian visa; firstly an application form which is completed and signed at the consulate; secondly a passport size photograph; Valid passport for three months and above; A letter from an University or school in case of a student visa giving details of the duration, dates and purpose;

Time taken to issue an Italian visa depends on the nationality and ranges from 2-12 days. This visa can cost around 30 USD for a period of 90 days.

India and Italy have had good relation from ancient times but migration of Indian to Italy has been a recent act. A lot of Indians moved to Italy in the year 1990. There are around 69,504 Indians living in Italy as of today. If you are an India and looking to migrate to Italy there are several agencies who can help you do so. They will give you all details you need and make your move easier.