Few months back I have been to Jamshedpur to attend some marriage and that was the first time I saw such a tremendous mixture of nature & science.

Previously, Jamshedpur belonged to Bihar, but now its come under Jharkhand. Jamshedpur is also known as Tatanagar, actually Tatanagar is the name of the railway station of Jamshedpur, but due to high involvement of "Tata" in the city, Tatanagar is more famous.

It was Sri Jamshetji Nusserwanji Tata, the main force behind Industrial revolution of India, who had set India's first industrial unit of Iron & Steel Plant in Jamshedpur. Currently Tata is running around six huge plants in the city including Tata Power, TISCO (Tata Steel) & TELCO (Tata Eng. & Locomotive Company) along with other major plants.

The city also got NIT & XLRI, a premier Eng. & the MBA college respectively. Talking about the education sector, Loyala School is a big name which is famous for delivering high class education, which attracts students from throughout India.

Now, let me come on the nature part, Jamshedpur is situated on the "Chota Nagpur Plateau" & it is partially surrounded by Dalma Hills. The climate over there is wonderful. You will get to see a change in weather within few minutes. On the whole the city gives you an experience of a hill station full of greenery. The area is highly rich in minerals like iron, coal, lime & manganese.

The greatest part of the city is that all areas are having a 24 hours running drinking water & electricity, something an Indian in other parts truly miss. The city won a tag of "One of the 6 International Best cities" in 2004.

It is truly is blessed mixture of Nature & Science!