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Thread: Traveling in the cold

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    Default Traveling in the cold

    Its a chilling winter this year, and its not been this cold since a long time now. And to the surprise its not just India but other parts of the world which have been hit with the extremely cold weather. Places like Florida have been hit with cold weather and freezing temperatures and this is a place which I least expected to be affected by the cold weather. Whether its the lack of my research or knowledge, but I don't know why this cold has hit so many countries. This is a reason to why I just dont want to travel anywhere this year because its too cold. I would rather stay at home all wrapped up, if it was I would leave the bed and stay cozy with a heavy duvet!!!!! When will this cold go, so I can go traveling.

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    Its fun travelling in the cold, and honestly speaking its not as cold outside in the winters as it is inside and when we say its cold this only mean early mornings and late nights, generally during the day there is some sun and when your walking around and travelling you dont really think of the cold as your enjoying yourself...

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    Its not much hassle travelling in the cold and plus the more you move around in the winter the less cold you will feel.. Moving around, packing your clothes, then when on holiday your obviously going to be walking around places, so that would make your feel less cold.

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    The only problem when travelling in the cold is at night, because the room needs to be warm, otherwise during the day time the sun comes out and its not so cold. You can always go to places where the weather is better, like Jaipur, Goa, South India.

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    I am sure you are young enough to handle the cold Preeti. You should try travelling in the cold it is actually fun and a different experience. Like going to Manali to see the snow.

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    Going to cold place is fun. Wearing warm clothes and having a walk in the early cold morning is a great experience in the fog.
    The mall road of shimla is best for a walk.
    I remeber the fun we had in kufri with those snow balls.
    Desire is the cause of suffering in Life.

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    Travelling in the cold in India is one of the best things, it is only said to be cold but it is not as much especially when you walk around and going sightseeing places. It is actually a different experience when you travel in the cold.

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