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Bangalore Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Advice

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    Default Bangalore Leh Ladakh Bike Trip Advice

    Hey Everyone,

    I am from Bangalore and planning to a do a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh.
    We are planning to make this dream trip of during July mid - August 1st Week. Around 14 - 15 days.
    We were planning to send our bikes from Bangalore to Delhi via train a few days back and then travel by plane to Delhi, pick up our bikes and start touring.
    We were planning to go from Delhi to Manali and then reach Ladakh and take the Srinagar route to return to Bangalore directly or Delhi.

    The Itinerary of the tour planned is something like this;

    Rest Day in Delhi: One Day
    Day 1: Delhi to Manali
    Day 2: Stay in Manali for a day
    Day 3: Manali to Keylong
    Day 4: Keylong to Sarchu
    Day 5: Sarchu to Leh
    Day 6: Stay in Leh (Obtain Permits, Check Bikes etc)
    Day 7: Leh to Pangong Tso
    Day 8: Pangong Tso to Leh
    Day 9: Leh to Khardung La and back to Leh
    Day 10: Leh to Kargil
    Day 11: Kargil to Srinagar
    Day 12: Enjoy Srinagar. Sri Nagar to Bangalore (Via Flight) - If bikes can be sent from here.
    Day 13: If bikes cannot be sent on Day 12 do Srinagar to Jammu. Jammu to Bangalore (via Flight) - Send bikes from Jammu to Bangalore

    Is it worth adding a place, adding a day to stay or removing a place or any modifications to the Itinerary in the above plan?

    Can anyone of you please let me know about the following?

    1. Is hiring Bikes a better option as compared to taking our own bikes?
    2. I need some advice whether there is a better alternative to transport bikes to a known address in Delhi rather than using train transport.
    3. What spares to carry along with the bike? (Whether itís a self bike or rented bike)
    4. Details about advanced booking/ permits etc during the trip.
    5. Luggage to be carried during the trip / Other Important must things to carry? (Like Toilet paper, Hand Sanitizer etc).
    6. Is there a way to send bikes from Srinagar to Bangalore?

    Suggestions would be honestly appreciated since this our first bike trip.

    Thanks in Advance

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    My reply comes 4 years late but I am sure many people would come here looking for the same information in this thread and having no replies here wont help much.

    Your main question seems to be about taking your own motor bike vs renting bikes for the trip and rest of the question only arise if you take your own bikes. My advise is to rent bikes instead of taking your own. Reasons are many but to sum it up I would say it would cost you a lot less to rent bikes as you would take public transport until Srinagar or may be Manali if you want to take the Manali route although bike trips are more advisable via Srinagar route as that route sees a lot of armed force movement and help is never too far. There is a new thread on Leh and Ladakh road trip at India travel forum that would answer all your queries and has some very detailed information which you would appreciate.

    The journey is beautiful on both the routes and it would be a wonderful experience. Just dont rush and take lots of halts and take tons of pictures You will never regret going by road.
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    my brother went the same manner last month - Mumbai to Chandigarh by flight, from there to Manali by bus, and onward from Manali on bike. this was all organised by a tour-organiser (can't recollect its name) and the cost for the whole group (brother and his friends plus 1-2 couples from Bengaluru) was quite lesser than what it could've been if they would've rented bikes and did everything on their own.

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    I would love to go by road once driving myself. Will probably gather a group to go with on the travel forum one day... hopefully coming October or earlier not too sure. Depends how quickly that forum gets popular and how many people come looking for Leh Ladakh road trip information. It would be great fun to have a convoy of 20-30 cars or more may be who knows
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    may be you could contact other forums/websites to write/advertise on your forum?
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    Going Leh Ladakh by road is very convenient from Manali onward and the roads and the drive is easy and mesmerizing.
    From manali to jammu yo srinagar to ladakh. The travel goes like this . But one can choose a journey from Srinagar airport or Ladakh airport for a shorter journey.

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