This is the first story of Hades666 and please don't laugh at it.

Recently this year he went to Fiji for one of his uncle's wedding. It was good but the paranormal stuff didn't happen there. On one of the days they all decided to stay over his great- grandmother's house near the coast. Everybody knows that all the houses on our land there are haunted by numerous numbers of ghosts. His mother recounted that 2 people have committed suicide there; two premature born baby boys were buried alive there near the gazebo and many others. Anyway back to the story (drifted off there), the first night his dad and his grandfather slept in the guesthouses near the lower quarters of the house, his father slept on the bed and his granddad was on the floor, (it was hot).His father woke up to a feeling that something was in the room, knowing that the place was haunted dad prayed to god for it to leave him alone, slowly his father dozed off again when suddenly he felt like somebody had hit him on his foot, very hard. This happened to him three times during the night and in the morning my father had a serious limp, he couldn't walk.
Now it was his turn, the next night they all stayed in the main house, the night was good everything was fine. They left the house and stayed over at another relative\'s house in the town, he went to bed at about 10 something. he listened to some music to try to fall asleep, as soon an he dozed off he felt like somebody just shoved him. His sister was next to him was being pushed, shoved, there was a time where he swore in his mind for that thing to leave me alone. It looked like swearing didn't work because the pushes became more hard, looks like he angered "it". He left the room, crying and went to his mother, He stayed with her for the rest of the night and didn't sleep until 3 in the morning.
The next day his mother told him that one of the ghosts must have followed him, and instructed him not to wear a lot of perfume whenever they go to his great-grandmother's house.
Can spirits be attracted to strong smells and can they follow people?
Love to hear your replies!