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Lone Traveler in June

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    Default Lone Traveler in June

    I'm planning on traveling to Leh in the middle of June 2012 by myself. I don't want to spent my entire trip alone so where is the best backpackers to stay at to meet people? Do many tourists travel to Leh in June?

    Also what are the top 5 must see's of Leh or any other tips you might have.

    Thanx in Advance

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    There are lots of restaurants and cafes in Leh and in June it is full of Tourists from India and abroad so it shouldn't be too hard finding company there.

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    June is a very hot time of the year and you will find a lot of people in Leh during that time of the year. Tourists like hanging out in cafes, so best place to meet other tourists would be in cafes, also in historical places or the places of interest where most tourist will be visiting.

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    I like and somewhere agree what Chicken TIKKA mentions about meeting the tourists.

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