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    Today television is a great entertainer and in the evenings you will see a majority of people glued to their televisions watching their favourite programs! (mainly dramas)

    I'm a total TV fanatic, and love watching, i got to admit i do get glued to the daily dramas, and get into the story! I can watch TV all day long and watch a lot of programs, and sometimes i get stuck on what to watch as there are so many things on at the same time!

    I say on a average i spend 5-6 hours a day watching TV, and that includes me doing my full time job (which is on shifts most of the time), coming back, cooking and daily stuff!

    How much of TV do you guys watch?

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    OMG! How can you watch it for so long everyday?

    Most of the times I really don't know what to watch on TV... I used to watch so much of TV when I was a kid... Now I simply can't sit & watch TV for more than half an hour(and in that time I keep on surfing all the channels frivolously)... Unless its an important sports coming live!

    I wish I had the patience like you... I used to love television more than anybody at my home... I'm J!

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    Normally i also watch only news and sports few time and sometime half an hour or one hour any movie if I like that.

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    eeeks...i rarely get time to watch tv.....most of the times its on sunday i watch a couple of roadies, nach baliye n jhalak since i like dancing.....but i miss em a lot..... prolly i ll watch splitsvilla....but vent watched ny series fully.....!!!!

    One series i love to watch is FRIENDS.....absolutely in love with got all 10 seasons....but i jus can keep on watching ......

    sumtimes whn free i watch shows on t&l , axn n at times movies on star movies......
    Dont count wat u lost, cherish wat u ve & plan wat to gain...coz past neva returns but future may return the lost! Think-Decide-Act!!!!

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