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Problem with Videocon D2H

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    Red face Problem with Videocon D2H

    Hi i am from delhi and as everyone knows that theses are the rainy seasons so the wheather is mostly cloudy from the time i am facing the issue that whenever heavy rain get started my D2H lost the signle or the picture & Voice get breaking once rain get over it get resume again so i want to know that is that any technical fualt or due to the wheather conditions.

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    every dth has the same problem... if it gets cloudy or starts raining heavily,u will nt get the signal for 15 min... its a common problem for all the dth...

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    Call Videocon D2H customer care and ask them to sort out your dish's alignment and make sure your signal quality is better then 80% at the very least to minimize the downtime. A better aligned dish will result in lesser downtime.

    Another solution is having a larger dish as one of my friends does with a signal quality of 87-90% and that results in very low downtime as compared to the normal smaller dish supplied by all DTH operators. Having a larger dish would only reduce the downtime and not resolve the rain downtime 100%.

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    I have a Videocon DTH connection. In my personal experience, during rains, the signal tends to go out just when the rain starts. If I totally power off for about two three minutes and then restart, signal is generally back, though with minor disturbance.
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    Minor outages across dth pull off the connection for 10-15 minutes, if it exceeds such time to about an hour do get a technician to look into the issue.

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    Default D2H showing message 'Please check your antena.."

    First of thanks to all for your good work, I finally made a decesion to buy D2H 15 days back after going thru all of yours valuable input...and I was quite satisfied with thier service...
    But since last 1 day I am regularly getting a problem whenever I start my D2H , I get a message, Please check your antena, connection cable, box etc " for all channels , after first time I called up the CC who said to me disconnect he cable from settop and reconnect and it worked, ..but after that this problem is recurring and the said trick is not working...but the signal comes back automatically after 3/4 hours...
    anybody here has any idea about this problem?

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