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HD DVR Related Queries

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    Default HD DVR Related Queries


    i) I'm told that Videocon DVR Subscribers need to pay a yearly fee to retain the recorded material in the HDD. Is it true?

    ii) Do we need to pay extra to enable the recording feature or it gets activated by default like TataSky?

    iii) If power cut interrupts a recording then is it gonna resume once power comes or we have to do it manually?

    iv) Does the schedule recording reminders erases from the memory if one switches off the dvr completely?


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    That is a very specific question which only Videocon can answer. There is nothing that clarifies this on their website. I think you should give videocon a call and see what they say.

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    Well sure you should call Videocon to get this query answered. However if you have paid for the HD box then the hard drive is yours and there is no reason why should need to pay for the content kept on it.
    The recording feature is according to a specific box so you won't need to get it activated. Also recording should resume once when power is back because recording instructions have been set prior to the power cut.

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