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Total War !

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    Default Total War !

    Hello ,

    Today i have decided to review a ground Breaking game .... Very Interesting , Very Addictive and Little known

    The Developers of the total war series devised a completely new mode of gameplay , previously never seen before ..... A combination of Turn Based Strategy and real time Action Strategy .... There are upto now 4 Titles under this banner

    -->Shogun Total War [Japanese History ]

    --> Medieval Total War [ European History ]

    -->Rome Total War [ Roman History ]

    -->Medieval 2 Total War [European History]

    There was a Spartan Total war [Greek History] for xbox and PS


    I have just started to play Rome Total War Lately and i must say that i am totally bowled over , by the depth of the game ! I will just give you a gist of the gameplay .

    Turn based Strategy

    This is the battle map , Its a kind of overall view ..... Shown from the top , It does not give you a detailed view of the terrain
    You use this to play out each turn .... 2 turns = 1 year [in game year]
    You can move each character or perform actions on each object once per turn

    In this map you

    Empire management duties like

    -->Build/move your army [including ships]
    -->Build new buildings/walls etc in your cities , Lay siege to an enemy city
    -->Start[not fight] Battles
    --> Diplomacy using your Ambassador /Spy / Assassin
    -->Trade with other factions

    And do many more functions
    [list is too long]

    Real Time Action Strategy
    Roman Spearman
    Attachment 1082
    Egyptian Army
    Attachment 1083
    Attachment 1084
    This is the most fun part , When you start a Battle in the previous map the game loads and then transfers you to a 3D world !
    Here you must Shepperd your troops and use tactics to win battles .

    This is very realistic and totally depends on your intelligence and skill .....

    some examples of strategy

    -->Hide in Forest and Ambush Enemies crossing your path
    -->Shoot fire arrows to set forests on Fire and kill hiding enemies waiting to ambush you
    -->Soldiers running for too long will be tired
    -->Groups of soldiers who have suffered heavy soldiers will start routing [running away from battle,u ll lose control of them !]

    If you use the above trick , you can defeat armies 3 times your size !

    Again too long list to explain in Detail

    These are some of the factions [teams] present

    -->Roman Julii [all those carrying the name Julius ] Ex : Decius Julius
    -->Roman Brutii [ all those carrying the name Brutus ]
    -->Roman Scipii [ ??? ]
    -->Roman Senate [Peoples Republic of Rome]
    -->Barbarian Gauls
    -->Barbarian Germanic tribes [Germany ]
    -->Barbarian Britannia [ Ancient British settlers]
    -->Barbarian Spanish
    -->Greek Cities
    -->Rebels / Pirates / brigands
    -->Selucids [Turkey]

    There are more , but thats all i remember

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    Its so realistic that
    even archers have limited no of arrows [and a small knife to fight after that!]

    Units can wield multiple weapons

    For Example the Roman Hastati unit Throws pilae [small spears] Before charging the enemy with a Sheild and short sword .....

    Romans using Scorpions
    Attachment 1085
    scorpions were weapons used in ancient times to fire huge Bolts of arrow which killed multiple people

    Barbarian Swordsman
    Attachment 1086
    Notice that the soldier carries 2 pilae [short spears] in his shield

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    Default Medieval2Total War

    Well this is the latest in the series of total war games

    A Word of Caution
    The Graphics will leave you ROFC ing [Rolling On The Floor Crying]

    Dont go near this game until you have a serious gaming rig [Minimum requirement is 128mb Graphic card ]

    Have nt played this yet .. ll leave you with some screen shots

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