Sony Playstation 2 is 13% cheaper now in USA

Sony has finally taken the step market analysts predicted before the launch of the competing Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming console.

The experts had expected the Japanese entertainment giants to drop the price on their current generation PS2 gaming console to counter the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

However, Sony denied that they had any plans at that time. Now, Sony has dropped the prices of the PS2 in the American market by around 13%.

This brings down the price of the Sony Playstation 2 console in this market to USD 130 from USD 149. Sony is expected to launch the Playstation 3 gaming console sometime later this year.

Sony PS2 was launched in 2000 and has since then sold more than 101 million units. It continues to sell in large numbers despite the arrival of competing gaming consoles like the Xbox and Xbox 360.

Microsoft is also rumored to be considering lowering the price of their earlier generation Xbox gaming console.