Singapore, 21 December 2006—Ozura Mobile (”Ozura”), a global leading publisher and developer of mobile entertainment will reveal the total number of five games in the 1st quarter of 2007.

“As the mobile gaming industry gradually matures, so do the tastes of mobile gamers. While Snakes used to be a sufficient benchmark for mobile games in the past, gamers nowadays have more elaborate and demanding needs in terms of game play. More eye candy, more character or storyline development and simple yet challenging fun on the go is the name of the game in these new times,” commented H.E Mah, Ozura’s Vice President of Marketing.

“Game appreciation and standards grow and change accordingly with the gradual maturation of the industry. We have taken the initiative as the year end approaches, to change the style of our games to cater to this growing need for better games,” added Mah.

Titles scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2007 are:

R.A.T.S (Rodent Assault Tactical Squad) – The R.A.T.S are at it again! At 0800 hours, the tactical squad will assault the downtown café, codenamed ‘Café Ratoulette’. Many fellow rats have perished at the rolling pin of the evil Italian Chef, codenamed ‘Monsieur Killer ’. The mission is to go where no rat has gone before – the revered Kitchen of Heaven. Under the command of General Ratmandoo, the R.A.T.S will search, eat and DESTROY!

Lawak Kampus – Join Vanness, Froggy, Bepop, Aditas, Si Kosong and the Lawak Kampus gang! The Principal has called for yet another random Spot Check and Vanness has an elaborate plan to keep everyone out of trouble. With the help of a strategically placed trampoline, help him to relieve everyone of their ‘illegal’ items. Safe! Whether he intends to give them back is another story

Antopia: The Beginning – For years, the colony of Ugo under the gentle command of Queen Isgaea has been home to the great ants of Laurasia. While the kingdom grew through both colonization and invasion, an alarming new threat began to take place-a dwindling supply of food.

Under orders from the Queen, scouts set out a dangerous mission to find a solution to this problem. A great many disappeared, traveling too far from home and getting lost. Those that returned gave news of a mysterious place overheard from other creatures in the realm.

Wonderful tales of never-ending food and healthy land for home digging were told. Rain showers and storms would never ever threaten the colony or wipe out citizens for the weather there was quiet and calm. This haven was called Antopia.

“Peng” the Guin - Sea level has begun to rise and the Guins now find the task of searching for a new home in their hands. Coupled with their determination to keep things ‘cool’ and their love for a good ‘Peng’, they set out from their beloved home to new and distant horizons.

Hello Kitty: Birthday Surprise - Hello Kitty and friends are throwing a birthday bash! Who’s the lucky person? Why, Kitty and Mimi of course! With their love of baking, Kitty and her twin sister Mimi start a birthday surprise for all their family and friends! Their birthday will be a day to treat everyone they love! They will be inviting Mama, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa and many others so they’ll need a lot of ingredients to make many birthday cakes! With ingredients such as eggs, flour, cherry, milk, cheese and strawberry, the cakes are well on their way to being yummy! It’s up to you and Hello Kitty to create the perfect birthday surprise!