Nintendo gets a patent for instant messaging in videogames
Japanese maker of Videogaming consoles Nintendo has been awarded a patent for a videogame instant messaging service. This service can utilize a buddy list and can display information about game activities and user status.
This patent request was filed in 2000 before Microsoft ever came out with their Xbox gaming machine and the Xbox Live service. The features covered by the patent are pretty vast and gives the company a lot of stuff to file some serious lawsuits against companies involved in Videogaming.
Most of the patent text refers to the older gaming consoles like Nintendo64 and Game Boy Color developed by the company but it is heavily speculated that the company can port the patented features to their upcoming gaming console Nintendo Wii.
Nintendo also already owns another similar patent for a voice-to-text chat conversion system for video games that uses speech analysis to generate text with specific styles and attributes. Impressive possibilities lie ahead for the Nintendo Wii fans!