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Virgin Mobile GPRS Settings

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    Default Virgin Mobile GPRS Settings

    Although Virgin Mobile hasnt been in the market much but there are some users across India.

    Majority of phones are GPRS compatible and by default the GPRS settings will be provisioned at the time you purchase your sim card. The settings will be sent to you automatically and if for some reason they are not sent then you can dial 121 and you will be able to save the settings on your phone.

    When your settings have been completed you need to select Virgin Mobile vBytes APN or Virgin Mobile Internet APN, which will appear on your mobile, this will allow you begin your browsing.

    Below is a table which explains the GPRS settings for a mobile phone

    GPRS settings
    Virgin Mobile GSM WAP Portal Settings Service description: vBytes
    Home Page:
    Proxy Server:
    Virgin Mobile GSM internet Settings Service description: vInternet
    vMMS apn <>
    home page <http://mmsc/>
    proxy server <>
    port <8799 (TCP-WAP2), 9201 (UDP-WAP1)>

    If you are unable to get these settings on your mobile phone use the sms codes provided below to get a different way of GPRS settings.

    SMS Keyword Shortcode
    vMMS VMMS 58476
    vBytes VBYTES 58476
    vInternet VINTERNET 58476
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    Does Virgin mobile even exist anymore? There was a small hoohaa when it was going to start up, but after that it was like it never exists!!!

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