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Vodaphone 3G new data plans already out !!

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    Talking Vodaphone 3G new data plans already out !!

    Today morning checked newspapers-no advts by Vodaphone!
    Went to their web site. Too much clutter and no new 3G data pack info.
    Then just now (9.19am)both the phones having Voda 3G sim received sms
    "3G trial offer comes to an end today & will be de activated for you.To continue using 3G,subscribe to out 3G Data plans. Log on WWW or cal 116"
    called 116 but the machine did not run the announcements properly and could not get hold of a human being!
    Then tried 111 and after pressing 9 after many chakker and listening to voda ads for 5 mins,got thro a lady customer service rep.
    She asked me whether iam a heavy user- I said "yes-do you have anything 10-20 gb? But the highest they have is
    Rs 1250-5GB/30 days
    Rs 850-3 GB/30 days
    I asked her whether existing 3G will be deactivated (if I dont subscribe to new 3G data plans) or do I have to send sms? she said it will go by itself.

    Wait gentlemen - Let me do a speed test first in both the sims right now!

    Sim with rs 98/2GB gprs pack - Ping 151-Down load-3251 kbps/1624 kbps

    Sim with Rs599/1 month UL pack-ping 118,Download-2794 kbps/1612 upload

    ( Not to able to post speedtest pictures as BSNL 3G is in the Voda data card)

    Oh my good ness - Not bad !I was cribbing yesterday that speed was below 1 Mbps.
    I think 3G signal will go off by end of the day max. Anyway Checked both sim's main a/c balance by *141# and *131*98# (gprs data balance and validity) but *131*599# does not work !!
    Today I dont want to use 3G and gets main a/c debited tomorrow.
    Iam not in a rush.But after seeing better speeds indeed tempted.

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    You can call 111 to verify the cost in your circle

    Rs. 100 - 100MB
    Rs. 375 - 500MB
    Rs. 850 - 3GB

    Looks like its time to port out to something better

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    Talking Voda 3G still signal there in both the sims.But just using in the phone not data card

    Voda 3G signal is still there. Speeds are better than ok as reported today am.
    (Around 3500 kbps d/l and 2500 kbps up load)
    Have not done any 3G data re charge yet ,using it sparingly (only in phone) and checking main a/c balance often to see any deduction. None so far.
    Attaching Voda pre paid & post paid tariff card and BSNL's latest as a benchmark comparison.
    Add BSNL's Rs 2000-22GB pack which is mussing in the table.

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