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Vodafone 3G now in Karnataka

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    Default Vodafone 3G now in Karnataka

    Vodafone has too rolled out their 3G services through ICRA and will be provdiing their services in Karnataka. The tariff charges are for postpaid customers.

    Below are tariff details for postpaid Vodafone 3G users:

    Vodafone Unlimited Plans

    3GB for Rs650
    4GB for Rs750
    5GB for Rs850
    8GB for Rs1250
    12GB for Rs1599

    Vodafone Limited Plans

    300MB for Rs100
    1Gb for Rs250
    2Gb for Rs450

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    Airtel and Vodafone are costly as compared to other companies. Not priced for the masses. Every one is getting MTS these days.

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    yes its either MTS or MTNL
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    Contact no :-
    I have complained that my internet is not working and it is more than 10 day no one called me as they informed that the problem will be resolved with in 7 days.
    No call anything they sent the message that we tried reaching you but we could not reach you that is why they closed my complaint without seeing my internet session or giving call or confirming whether the internet is or not. Still i did not receive the call from your end.
    I called on 16th and i got confirmation that from your senior technical team i will get the call but i did not.
    17th i called i informed to transfer the call to senior but the call was hold more than 15min still call not connected.
    As my internet is not working and i took for both the purpose not only for calling now they are saying in 299 plan they will give calling. How it is possible as i took for both.
    I dont pay a single amount of money to Vodafone that they did not respond to any complaints.

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