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Do it yourself services by SMS

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    Lightbulb Do it yourself services by SMS


    Is there a complete list of all the things we can do by SMSing to 111 and other Vodafone service numbers?

    Today Vodafone responded to an email (about an online payment gone from my bank but not credited to my pre-pay account after 10 days). Their email included "If you want us to update your email id in our records, please SMS <EMail> <email id > to 111" and "You can also activate/deactivate services easily via SMS. To view the list of commands, click here. SMS the command to 111(toll free) and the service would be activated/deactivated accordingly.".

    Unfortunately "click here" didn't work so I Googled trying to find where it was meant to go. The URL behind "click here" was simply #SMS so not much clue there.

    Best I found was a J+K page. You can find it by Googling for "do it yourself" jammu select (sorry -- I'm not allowed to post URLs yet). Other circles are probably similar.

    Maybe useful to make a sticky thread of this info. Here's for starters. Some may only be available on pre- or post-paid accounts, some may only be available in some circles.

    These ACT messages should be activated within 2 hours and may be cancelled by SMSing the same followed by CAN. Thus, to cancel Basic International Roaming, send ACT BIR CAN.

    • ACT BIR to 111 to activate Basic International Roaming (requires Rs.1500 deposit)
    • ACT CC to 111 to activate Call Conference
    • ACT CF to 111 to activate Call Forwarding
    • ACT CH to 111 to activate Call Hold
    • ACT CLIP to 111 to activate Caller Line Identification (see who's calling)
    • ACT HISD to 111 to make ISD calls from your home network without paying any deposits
    • ACT IB to 111 to get an itemised bill
    • ACT IR to 111 to activate International Roaming
    • ACT ISD to 111 to activate ISD
    • ACT NR to 111 to activate National Roaming
    • ACT STD to 111 to activate STD
    • ACT VL to 111 to activate Vodafone Live! (requires phone with GPRS)
    • ACT VMS to 111 to activate Voicemail
    • ACT VR to 111 to activate Vodafone Roaming

    • BESTDEAL to 144 for info on Bonus Cards
    • BEST FIT to 111 find the talkplan that best suits your needs
    • BILL to 111 to get bill details like amount, unbilled amount, payment due date and more
    • CHQ <cheque number> <amount> to advance clear dropped cheque
    • EBILL <email id> to 111 to get bill by SMS
    • EMAIL <email id> to 111 to register your email address with Vodafone
    • LBILL to 111 to get SMS about how to get your bill in one of nine regional languages
    • START DND to 1909 to block promotional calls and SMSes from Vodafone (takes up to 45 days)
    • STORE <area name> <city name> to 111 to find your nearest Vodafone Store, Mini Store or Self Service Kiosk
    Anybody know of any more or of restrictions on use?

    I just tried BESTDEAL to 144 (pre-paid in TN) and got nothing back.

    I just tried EMAIL <email ID> to 111 (pre-paid in TN) and got "Sorry! You are not allowed to subscribe this request"



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    ^^ i dont need to pay for these services..
    job takes the child away.

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    EMAIL <email id> to 111 is not effective for pre-paid.

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    Default ACT CC conference activation not working for prepaid

    ACT CC conference activation not working for prepaid in karnataka,
    This was default in all the mobile. but dont understand why it requires activation, Vodofone dont even have any voice customer care service.

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