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Deactivation of Services without any prior Intimation (complaint)

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    Default Deactivation of Services without any prior Intimation (complaint)

    I am a customer of Hutch / Vodafone Essar Company INDIA for nearly 5 years my Vodafone number is 0988515****.

    Recently I have changes my number from a post paid to Prepaid. My sim card was activated after having needed to approach the VODAFONE STORE ( madhapur ) 4 –5 times in that month. They have activated the SIM “89911301401****794 1” on 19 June 2009 and I was assured that the services were activated. I was able to recharge on 20th June and was able to use the services till 27th June.

    On 27th , without any prior notice, all my services were barred. I was unable to reach the customer care as the customer care number 111 was not functioning and the other number 9885098850 was also unreachable (barred). No one from the VODAFONE ESSAR contacted me with the reason for disconnection.

    When tried to reach customer care from another number, they were not able to tell the reason for disconnection.

    On 29th of June I had to walk to the VODAFONE STORE ( madhapur, hyderabad ) , they told that some documentation was not submitted

    1) When converting the Phone from Post Paid to Prepaid, No one from the VODAFONE ( madhapur ) told that I need to submit the proofs (I was their customer for the last 5 years as a post paid user were they providing the service with out proofs?)

    2) They have not asked me to signed any paperwork for the conversion

    3) At the time of handing over the SIM they have not asked me for any documentation not told that it is required

    4) They have activated the SIM allowed recharge; offers for SMS, phone calls were made from that phone.

    5) All of a sudden with out any prior intimation how can they disconnect my services?

    6) How could VODAFONE ESSER be so unprofessional to make customers wondering why the services been barred while accepting Re-changes into the same de-activated account.
    7) Why are they so unprofessional to provide means by which customer Care can be reached.

    8) Why does customer have to suffer or the immature behavior of the Vodafone Essar Company Mobile phone is used for Emergences purposes, when being disconnected without prior intimation, are they taking responsibilities for misshapes for phone not being handy?

    9) The Customer Care reluctance to help their customer is Quite OPPOSITE to their Caption “ Happy To Help”.

    VODAFONE ESSAR Cannot take it for granted that customer are help less and Do not effort to take chance with service utilities which are used for emergency purposes. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT TO PUT CUSTOMERS IN RISK WITH THEIR UNPROFFISIONAL MANNERS.
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    pl. contact the nodal officer for your circle

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramesh_bharat View Post
    8) Why does customer have to suffer or the immature behavior of the Vodafone Essar Company Mobile phone is used for Emergences purposes, when being disconnected without prior intimation, are they taking responsibilities for misshapes for phone not being handy?

    You do seem to have a valid issue. I am not commenting on your
    experience but a side note not related to your problem.

    Aren't emergency calls available even if your services are cut?
    I thought it was a law for providers to allow emergency calls
    even with inactive sims.


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    Default Vodafone guys r sick

    11th July 2009

    This is with ref to my vodafone no.9820961719, for which outgoing is barred inspite of making payments.

    To tell you the history I was in a family plan with nos.9820961719, ******0488 and 9819066858. We were not using the no.9819066858 and coz we simply ended up paying the rentals we decided to change the plan and terminate this no. For that I had to follow up and waste hours at vodafone store who were not at all co-operative. After keeping me and my office boy wait for an hr they would ask us to take another token and wait for some more time and whn evrythng was done they said some or the other document had still to be submitted and were forcing me not to deactivate but convert it to prepaid.

    After escalations and exchanging mails finally it was done.On 9th I recd a call from one of their executives saying payment to the no.9819066858 of Rs.1984/- was due. That was an impossible amount as we have never used that no. and the amt outstanding could have been not more than 200 rs./- I asked the executive to send the ebill with details which she never did. However, I had recd an ebill on 6th July which I was unable to open inspite of keying in the right password. I sent an email back to the customer care immediately informing the same and also had informed one of their executives over the phone. I sent a mail again on 10th July informing that the new ebill tht was sent was also not opening.

    I reconfirmed with the executive the amount and that I was paying it to the prev family plan rel. no.and made an immediate payment yesterday an amount of Rs.2984/-.and also informed the exec abt it. In the evening I get a msg saying my outgoing is barred...inspite of making the payment coz vodafone systmes take 48 hrs to update the same wherein the amount had already been debited from my account. Is this my fault that they are using outdated systems which take tht long coz of which a customer has to suffer.I spoke to their exec and also escalated it to his superior some Nasim Shaikh at Lower Parel office. He said that if I'd send an email right away my account will be active in 2hrs time. That plonk never told me that it takes 24 hrs for the email also to get updated on their ****ing system. I had a family function and they handicapped me.I still wasted half an hr and sent a mail through a friend. After12 hrs my no.was still not active.

    I have been using this no. since last 4-5 yrs and till date have never missed a payment and the payment for these nos. were due on 22nd July.I have a credit limit on this no.and still nothing is being considered . I have lost 2000rs./- after giving it to their DSA on two diff ocassions to have this talk plan changed earlier and nthng had happened. vodafone didnt give me that money back. Also to activate the family plan a refundable deposit of Rs.500/- was taken which they were supposed to credit on changing the plan. That money has also not been credited. To take money from us they dont have any formalities but when we have a problem we are harassed to the core. People who are loyal vodafone guys are after their lives to screw them and others who just abscond wtht makng payments they roam scott free.They should change their slogan to HAPPY TO HARASS. Their services are disgusting and so many hidden charges they are actually cheating customers

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