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50 paise for STD for Vodafone Customers

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    Default 50 paise for STD for Vodafone Customers

    STD calls are getting cheaper but it was never thought they would be as cheap as Vodafone are giving them. Vodafone which is India's second largest telecom operator are currently offering 50 paise per minute for STD, local and regional STD.

    And example is that you live in North India and from there you purchase a bonus card (each state has its own price) and then call anywhere in North India for 50 paise per minute.
    In Delhi a bonus card is Rs 74 with which you can make STD calls to Himachal Pradesh, J&K, UP, Rajesthan, Punjab and Haryana at 50paise per minute
    But in Karnatka its different, and better as you can get a Rs75 recharge for 3 months of validity which gives a 50paise charge per minute on STD and local calls.

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    I was anticipating some providers who thought that indian subscribers have no way other than using their network.
    I believe this revolutionary schemes will make them to bite the dust.

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    Default Idea charging 48 paise

    Idea now a days charges only 48 paise for STD all over India.

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