Hi! Guys, are you a Vodaphone subscriber and do you not know what is GPRS technology and how does it work? Spare some time and be familiar with it. General Packet Radio Service, which is commonly known as GPRS, makes the transmission of IP packets easy with existing TDMA network, over existing cellular network all over the globe.

The mechanism of GPRS is unique and works technically by covering the existing cellular network using IP transmissions. During the IP transmission, it does not require the data to be transmitted continuously as IP traffic consists of packets and shares the channels very easily. Data may be received and transmitted while reading text or information.

All this is possible only when your Vodaphone setting is on, and we will guide you step by step to do it so that you can enjoy unlimited fun with your friends and family; on your Vodaphone.


Now, you can easily set up your Vodaphone setting without any problem. To start your Vodaphone live, just get your Vodaphone live activated on your mobile phone.

Simple steps

Remember there are no activation charges for Vodaphone live
If you are a prepaid customer, just send SMS ACT VL to 144 (toll free number)
For postpaid customers, SMS must be sent to SMS ACT to 111 (toll free number)


If you are a Kolkatta prepaid user, you have send your SMS ZERO to 144
If you are Kolkatta postpaid user, you would require to send SMS ZERO to 111
For Mumbai postpaid user, SMS should be sent to SMS ACT VL to 111. You will be provided unlimited enjoyment and free usage of 5 MB. In addition, free 30 MMS every month.
If you are a Mumbai postpaid customer, just send your SMS ACT-VLZERO to 111 without any monthly charges

Good news for new customers, as you will get Vodaphone MMS and Vodaphone live with your Vodaphone SIM card. Do not forget to save it after installing the card into your mobile phone. If any reason, you are not able to get this advance service, just send SMS VL to 52586.