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    Default How vodafone threatens and harrasses your friends and family

    Subject: Initimidating tactis of Vodafone. Harrassment of a customer.

    Dear Sir,

    I had subscribed to a vodafone connection 9884827027 which was not working and the reason cited was a network connectivity problem. The problem started on Oct 2 , 2009 and no action whatsoever was taken on my complaint. I was only told to change the sim card, but still i had the same issue. Vodafone had sent a mail stating there are technical issues and it will be solved. In the mean time I got a mail from Alfren asking me to pay Rs. 4067/- which made me wonder how the bill could be so steep. Thereafter Legal cell sent me two mails and I replied to them for which there was no reply. For the last week your Legal Cell team is contacting all the numbers I had called, friends and relatives and threatening them verbally. It is highly unfair on your part to call them invading their privacy. A lady called Kavitha from 9884419214 and a gentleman named Jonathan from 9884796115 have been threatening them using threatening tactics. In fact one of my relatives has recorded the call from Kavitha which will be used to show the higher ups how low your personnel can go. All of them propose to take this matter to the cyber crime police officials and to the government highlighting how vodafone cares for their subscribers.

    I have not received any bill so far for this number and only a mail which states that I have to pay Rs. 4067.

    In the above circumstances I request you to do the following:

    1. Direct your Recover or your legal team not to intimidate me and my folks any further. If you plan to take it legally I am ready for a court settlement where am sure justice will be rendered and it will give me an opportunity to showcause to the common man how vodafone works. A Non working tower and network connectivity problem, highly inflated bills, no action taken against complaints and lastly calling and threatening friends and relatives.

    2. Ask your personnel to meet me and resolve this issue.


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    Hey this is not Vodafone site, why are you asking reply on it?
    If you are just sharing your experience its ok, then.
    Sad or Fever, Smile Forever!!!

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    i guess he is sharing his experience, i had a friend on reliance and had the similar issue, he bill was higher then expected and then when he did not pay, reliance legal team sent him a notic and also started calling all his relatives and friends.. really how low can a company go. and why is not this taken seriously by the law?

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    Hi Sumit I just sent the mail i had sent to vodafone for your understanding. Thanks

    Hi Funguru Thanks for your post. Really wonder what the government does to safeguard the privileges the constitution has bestowed on an Indian Citizen wherein an MNC creeps to such low demeaning mechanisms. Probably they are trying to follow the credit card line.

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    Sushil, the govt and companies are hand in glove. The TRAI was formed for this purpose only, to regulate what companies do but it seems to be just an extension of the companies now... they never did anything in the interest of the ppl and they still have no power to do anything except to send show cause letter to companies to which theyprobably just get a packet full of sweet.. ahem.. money!! to keep their mouths shut.

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    I'm using vodafone prepaid.. actually (like most networks) they're also bulk activating some services like daily fun (??), devotional, songs etc. without any of customer's decision. but even we called cust. care they'll definitely tell that it's activated by us itself! okay.. no problem..but if even we're talking about these cheating.. they can talk bloody things.. (i've got actually).. no matter.. they can's solve any problem regarding that.. This is the main problem of the vodafone network.. (i've worked for Airtel cust .care in HTMT, chennai).. if we did like this in there.. there is no job for him anymore there..!!! so Airtel cust care remains better than vodafone..

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    Quote Originally Posted by tarunchopra1988 View Post
    the way is mine but you got the solution at any how give me ur problem i will solve it
    If you can solve any problem please take an initiative for this. I have vodafone prepaid connection. Near by my home there's two towers of vodafone (1 is 1 km far and another is around 3 km (but getting full coverage from this tower)). Even though at every call doing from home should drops. My place is Indianoor, Kottakkal Via, Malappuram Dist. Kerala. I believe you can do something for this problem (??). Or please share what we can do? (Note: I've complained many time to cust care.)

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    I would just like to confirm 1 thing and it applies to all types of service providers where computers are controlling stuff:

    1. Computers never make a mistake.
    2. Mistake is made either by human (controlling the computer) or the program has bugs or its coded to be bad by purpose. So if any stupid customer care executive tells you next time that you got huge bill due to computer error then ask them the name of the stupid operator behind that computer error.

    Hope that you understand that computers are just doing what they are being told too.

    Cracking the MaTriX since 1992.

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    Every one please be alerted about the spammers coming here by telling that they can solve issues and asking our cell number and email id.. and for a PAYMENT..!! I don't recommend to share those.. I thinks forum should'nt be used for making money by cheating someone. just be attention..!

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    this is really cheap stuff how low can a company fall that to like vodafone !!!!

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