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Bought Vodaphone Data Stick 3570z @ Rs1600+ Rs599 1 month U/L pack

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    Talking Bought Vodaphone Data Stick 3570z @ Rs1600+ Rs599 1 month U/L pack

    Got this yesterday evening from Vodaphone store.
    I have a working voda 3g pre paid sim with Rs 98/2G /gprs pack.But they dont sell data card (only 3.6 mbps) with out eiether one of Rs 549/ 599 GPRS pack.
    The main attraction was 3G speeds in GPRS pack currently running till April 1st week.
    I thought -Ok. we will recover Rs599 with 3g browsing (say 10-20gb in the next 10days). 3.6 Mbps modem @ Rs 1600 -not cheap like Idea Netsetter but apparently cheaper than Rs 2450 Huawei modem sold by Airtel (but 7.2 mbps)
    Modem is un locked & ok.ZTE software is is trying to launch parrarel version and was giving RAS errors.
    Rightnow using our great BSNL 1 Mbps capped sim in Voda data card (Figured out how to by pass the damn voda /zte software)
    as our smart pants in Voda have not yet activated 3G in the new sim which has the moolah "1 month u/l Rs 599 gprs pack.!
    Keeping the new sim in the 3G Android phone (as suggested by CC) and frantically typing "ACT 3G" to 144 every 2 hours.
    New sim is still showing E. (other voda sim has 3G but already down to 7 mb balance from the last 2 GB recharge)
    Verdict: voda 3G data stick @1600 -ok-but not worth the software trouble (though Blue 3 G light is glowing steady and browsing is fast.(green -edge))

    Hope Voda guys activate 3G soon in my new data card sim ,so that I can Paisa Vasool TM ( copy righted by Dheeraj,warangal !) Vodaphone 3G.

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    IS this unlimited offer still available.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pratyushkumar View Post
    IS this unlimited offer still available.
    U/L offer is still available @500/month but only with 2G speed (8-10 kbps DL). If you are going for 3G with them it will be a nightmare for u as I m facing it right now. Speed is OK(1-2 MBPS) but every 2 days my unbilled amount exceeds my credit limit which is 5000 and they temporarily barr the services. I have to pay some amount everytime to get it restarted. they said extra amount will be adjusted at the end of the month.

    So its Like I have a Rs. 850/month (3 GB Limit) plan for which I have paid Rs. 2000 till now and I m in just 10th day of the monthly plan. My credit Limit still is 5000 and am sure in next 2-3 days again I would have to pay something to restart my services. My guess is by the end of the month I would have Paid Rs 5000 for the plan which will be adjusted in my future Bills. So you can say vodafone guys are so smart they have kept a security of next 6 months Bill with them and you will be forced to use their connection for that time as I see it. )

    Any one has any suggestions about how to fix this issue ?

    PS - If you have to increase the credit Limit you have to deposit that amount in nearby Vodafone stores. So for CL of 20000 I have to desposit 20k . What a Lame trick of fooling customers.

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    Arrow Fyi

    Hi..Chitresh.. i am sure u r aware that the cost of using Vodafone 3G is 10p for 10kb in mumbai circle (not sure where u from do check it on their website)..So...that comes to approx Rs.1000 for 100 mb and Rs.10,000 for 1GB.. ideally if u have taken a 3GB plan u have safe zone of Rs.30,000 un-billed amount.. periodically u can keep a track of ur unbilled amount..

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