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Connecting computer to landline to make calls

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    Default Connecting computer to landline to make calls

    Ok guys please help me out with this,
    i wanna know how to connect my computer to a landline phone to make calls. let me explain it clearly :

    i have a phone at my office which has free calling anywhere in india, so i want to connect my computer which is at home to my office phone to make calls through my computer for free.

    i hope you get this.

    one of my friend is living in india and his bro is living in USA, his bro gave my friend a software through which he connected his computer to his bro's phone in USA and now he is able to make calls anywhere in USA from his computer in india.
    that makes it a free international calling.

    does any1 got any idea how to do this stuff.
    lemme know please would be very helpful.

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    I am not aware of any such software that can connect office landline to home broadband.

    The case you have mentioned is completely different.

    1. Your friend's brother's office in USA are using VOIP services. All their phones are IP phones.
    2. Your friend has a software that is connecting to his friend's office network using a VPN software.
    3. Once your friend is on his brother's office network, he is using software such as Cisco or Nortle IP phone, to make calls.

    Your friend's brother is putting his job on line by allowing access to office network to a third party person (his brother). This is A VERY SERIOUS security breach but anyway that is not of our concern here.

    The point is unless your office has IP telephony and VPN access gateway, it is not possible to do this.

    Please note however that even if this were possible, you think that you are making a call free. You are mistaken. You are still using broadband at home. When you make such a call, you are still using your usage (unless of course you are on an unlimited plan).

    p/s. My office has provided me with VPN access and I can call to anyone free. But as I am not on an unlimited plan, I find making a direct call much cheaper.
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    Thanks for the info buddy,
    actually my friend's bro is the manager of the company and he has the permission to do that, so there is no problem with it,
    anyways you have given me a good info, my office phone is not over ip telephony, but still i heard that even if you have a normal PSTN connection you can use some FXO port to connect.
    and i have a unlimited broadband plan,
    anyways thanks for the advice. btw can i get some service providers who will provide me with a IP telephony and VPN access gateway.
    are there any such providers for international members.

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