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    Cell phone companies now offer very good pricing for domestic calls which gives a lot of free minutes every month and each plan has a different amount of free minutes and call rates!
    However when it comes to international calling most users avoid this from their mobile phones and opt for calling cards, or either install voip services from companies such as Vonage, Skype and these companies are now also giving cheaper rates than before.
    Skype and Vonage Mobile both offer free downloads which are available on the iPhone and iPod touch, which offer the service of making international calls outside USA.
    Skype offers free of cost calls computer to computer, and can receive calls but with a cost, and also make international calls as mentioned with very low cost per minute charges.
    When using Skype on the computer you can make video calls, transfer files and also share your screen with another person, but when using Skype on the iPhone and iPod touch the services are limited. There have been some Wifi issues with Skype being used on the iPhone which are soon to be resolved by Skype revising its software.
    When taking a Skype subscription orders you are able to make unmetered calls to mobile calls made in the USA and Canada for only $2.95 a month and if you pay $12.95 per month you get unlimited calls to landlines in 40 different countries and mobile lines in USA, Canada, China and a few other countries.
    On the other side Vonage Mobile which has recently been launched has similar rates per minute for calling, and has some differences which are that Vonage Mobile is not able to place calls to domestic phone lines, you are not able to receive calls and a few other flaws. Domestic in the USA means within the USA, so from this it simply means Vonage is best for international calls.
    Vonage Mobile can not be connected to calls using iPod touch, and when making calls within the USA using the iPhone normal fees apply and money gets deducted from the calling plan.
    One of the great features of Vonage Mobile is that its not necessary to have a Wi-Fi connection, as you can make calls just like using a calling card by dialing a number then your destination number.

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    I heard about their services. No Problem at all. You can visit and request for the demo account on their website.
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