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How To Make Free Calls From PC To Mobile

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    Default How To Make Free Calls From PC To Mobile

    Technology has made it possible for us to connect and communicate with just about anyone, anywhere in the world. Landlines or fixed telephones were the first to arrive on the telecommunication scene, by means of which people were able to communicate with one another. Telephones were static and could not be carried around to make or receive calls. If you wanted to reach someone who was always on the move then it was impossible. This got the engineers thinking and soon the world witnessed the arrival of mobile phones. Science and technology made mobile phones possible. These phones could be carried around with ease and enabled users to make and receive calls even while their users were on the move.

    Whether you make calls from one fixed landline to another or from your landline to another mobile phone you are charged and have to incur a certain amount of payment. Making inland domestic calls are always far cheaper than making international phone calls. Many phone users talk for long hours on their phone and then are aghast when they are served with huge phone bills at the end of the month. This has deterred many people to not only make fewer calls but also to speak less so their bills won’t be huge.

    All this has changed as it is now possible to make calls to any mobile for free using the internet. Users can make not only domestic calls to any mobile phone using the internet through their computer but also international calls. The technology behind this is the Internet phone which allows users to send signals through the internet lines to reach mobile phones throughout the world. VoIP or Voice over Internet protocol is the technology behind these free phone calls to mobiles. The best part is it is all free and you can talk with your loved ones using your PC to call them on their mobiles and spend hours chatting with them. Making PC calls to other mobiles is now free.

    Internet phone does not entail the use of new cable wires to connect with other mobile phones. It works through your existing internet line. Once you log in you are allowed to avail of a number of functions which include call waiting, call forwarding, a do not disturb feature and even video calling and conferencing feature. Users can use any of these functions while they make their free PC calls to other mobiles.

    What exactly are the benefits of making free PC calls to mobiles? It enables PC users to connect with those who are on the move using the PC without having to pick up a phone. The greatest benefit of making PC Calls is they are absolutely free and you will not be handed huge bills to pay. Now you can keep in touch with all your friends and loved ones without having to bother about making huge payments.

    The next question of anyone reading this article would be where I do find these free calls. Well, the best place for you to source this valuable information is the internet. On the internet there are many web portals that are offering the free PC to mobile calls service. All that is required for users to do is to log into these web portals, read the information and follow all the listed instructions. Registration with the web portal is mandatory. After the registration process is over, users can get on with making free call from their PC to mobile phones. Users can make both international and domestic calls to mobiles without incurring any charges. This new technology of internet telephone enables users to transfer images, files and videos while they are on the call. It also enables users to view the person with whom they are talking or chatting.

    Yahoo and Google are now offering these free services to their users. All users require is a mike and head set, a good internet connection and of course either Yahoo messenger or Google GTalk to be installed. Follow the instructions carefully and you are well on your way to making those free calls to any mobile across the world.

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    I never tried calling overseas through the use of computer..but I've tried texting which of course is free too.. I think its good news for us (computer users) communication is no longer a problem to us especially if its abroad or international call.. thanks for this post! very informative

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    cell phone

    Default Free call

    write the procedure to make free call from pc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cell phone View Post
    write the procedure to make free call from pc...
    Hello, I'm using this service the website is (unfortunately I cannot post the url correctly cose don't have the right for it, so type it by hends in the browser) cheap calls everywhere. Look on the price table on their website, I have there 330 minutes for free to the popular destination like Russia, China, USA, Great Britain and many other. I saved a lot of money using that service. Also I installed a programm on my mobile phone sonow can call cheap with it everywhere where can find the Internet (WiFi, 3G, ect). And the coolest thing they have, you can buy very cheap the phone number in any country you want and accept international calls on that number ( all incoming calls are free) so if someone decides to call on that number you will pay only for number but not for the incoming calls.
    They have tonns of other usefull features also. Hope I could help you a little bit.

    To make free calls register there and call from the website
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