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Calling from PC to mobile

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    Default Calling from PC to mobile

    Learn the easiest steps of Calling from PC to mobile!

    Technology has changed most spheres of life. Few years ago no one could imagine that it would be able to make a call to mobile from PC that too free of cost or at minimal cost! Now we can connect and communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world. All you need a PC, internet connection and software that enable to route the call to a mobile or landline. With mobile phones there was revolution to communication with facilities Ė SMS, MMS, Calling and capturing moments. With calling from PC to mobile there is going to another revolution in communication where people would be able to communicate round the clock without spending the fraction of what they are paying now.

    The long talks and long bills make most people go for the option of PC to mobile calling. The calling from PC to mobile is very easy. Let us discuss how you can get rid of the huge bills of phone and still can communicate with friends, loved ones and others for hours and hours. Whether you make domestic calls or international calls it will hardly matter to your pocket. Now you donít have to speak less, go on talking as much as you can!

    The technology behind the making of calls from PC to mobile is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Users can make not only domestic calls but also international calls to mobile or landline. The VoIP enables one to make free calls to similar users and minimal cost calls to mobiles and landlines. Making call from PC to PC is absolutely free! For that only you need that the caller and the receiver are both online. The receiver must be logged in the similar software or the web service which provides such calling facilities like Gmail, Yahoo! and others.

    The best part of such calling from PC to mobile is that per call cost is very much less than usual call rates. For calling to mobile and landlines you have to choose a plan that suits your calling needs. For instance if you need to make international calls then search for the plan which offers less calling rates for international calls. If there is no need, go for the national call plans. The cost per minute in such calls is much less than what you would be paying now.

    Steps to make call from PC to Mobile:

    Get a broadband internet connection with your PC configuration of at least having 256 MB RAM. The broadband internet connection must not be less than 128 kpbs for uninterrupted calling.

    Once you have the internet, you require the essential hardware for making the call. You would need a headset that has the facility for a microphone and headphone as well. After that you shall download the desirable software like Skype and others from the internet. Run the program to install it.

    Once the program is installed it is ready for use. Subscribe the plan with the help of your credit card and start calling from PC to mobile.

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    Great!..that was very helpful for us newbie in the web and computer as concern is about free there anyway we can call free overseas(except also through messengers)?

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