Make free phone calls using Internet!

All of us loves to talk and when it is free the enthusiasm increase to great extent. It is possible to make free phone calls using internet anywhere in this world. All you need is internet connection, PC, and required software and hardware for making the call. The technology behind the making of calls from PC to mobile is called VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. Users can make not only domestic calls but also international calls to mobile or landline. The VoIP enables one to make free calls to similar users and minimal cost calls to mobiles and landlines. Making call from PC to PC is absolutely free! For that only you need that the caller and the receiver are both online. The receiver must be logged in the similar software or the web service which provides such calling facilities like Gmail, Yahoo! and others.

Well, when we talk of making calls free using internet we have to keep in mind that that is not applicable to calls made to mobile or landline in most cases. There may be demo versions or free call options from some companies but it is not going to be a regular basis call. Only possible way to make call absolutely free is through the same software over the internet. That is both the persons communicating must be logged in together at the same time with the same software or the website like Gmail, Yahoo! Hotmail and others. Then only it is possible to make a call and talk absolutely free.

The first requirement of course for making free phone calls using internet is to get a desirable speed broadband internet connection. You must have at least 128 kpbs speed for making VoIP calls.

The second requirement is to get essential hardware for your system. You must have a headphone with microphone option and ports in CPU for audio output and input. If you donít have a microphone headphone, you must arrange it.

The third requirement is off course to get the software downloaded that will enable you to make free calls using internet. There are some popular software packages like Skype, StanaPhone and others which are easily available for download in the internet. Download them and install in your PC.

Software that enable make free phone calls:

Tokiva Call Software: This is new software that enables you make national and international calls absolutely free. All you need to do is create a registered account in the website and sing for the 15 minutes to call anywhere in the world. The link is calls Free Call Signup. You must provide a valid email address to get the software installed in your PC. Once it is done everyday you can make 15 minutes to any number across the globe.

Evaphone: Evaphone is the website which enables you to make free calls to any country in the world. There is no registration, no sort of any hassles. Just log into the site and wait for the flash application to load. One the virtual keypad flashes the numbers appear and you dial them. Dial it, hear the ring and talk. Hard to believe it! But this is true.