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Free Landline and Mobile Calls with GizmoCall

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    Default Free Landline and Mobile Calls with GizmoCall

    GizmoCall is a service which is quite newly launched and this service allows you to make calls to landlines and mobile phones anywhere in the world for free. This is probably one of the best and easiest ways to make calls as there is no registration, and all that it required is your browser and then you dial the destination number.

    When first time users try the service from GizmoCall they will be required to download a small plugin which is about 1 MB, the download will allow you to make calls and give all the functionality of GizmoCall.
    Now this is the best part, you can make free phone calls anywhere in the world for each and every day, but if you want more free minutes all you need to do is fill out a registration form which will make you free calling limit to 10 minutes per day.

    Not only landlines or mobile phones but users of GizmoCall can also make calls to GoogleTalk, Windows Live Messenger any other SIP device, and also contacts which are on Nokia’s N800 tablet and N80 wi-fi mobile phones.
    When going over the 5 minute or 10 minute free call service, you may want to make more calls and it’s obvious you would want to know the callings rates!

    Below is a list of calling rates to some destination and a comparison is also given so you can see how cheap GizmoCall is. Call rates are given in US Dollars

    Calling a Mobile in:

    SkypeOut - 0.017
    JaJah - 0.024
    GizmoCall - 0.020

    SkypeOut - 0.205
    JaJah - 0.141
    GizmoCall - 0.210

    SkypeOut - 0.125
    JaJah - 0.115
    GizmoCall - 0.177

    SkypeOut - 0.125
    JaJah - 0.122
    GizmoCall - 0.165

    SkypeOut - 0.165
    JaJah - 0.139
    GizmoCall - 0.193

    SkypeOut - 0.170
    JaJah - 0.300
    GizmoCall - 0.200

    SkypeOut - 0.017
    JaJah - 0.162
    GizmoCall - 0.258

    Although registration is option but when registering there are many advantages, such as talking longer than the free 10 minutes you get on a daily basis, use the caller ID function which can allow you to know who is calling in, view your call history, and the major plus point of get a penny per minute charge to calls to USA, and use the toll free number from any country in the world to make your calls.

    System Requirements for GizmoCall are:

    * Windows 2000, XP
    * Microphone and Speakers
    * Dialup or Broadband Connection

    * Mac OS X 10.3.9 +
    * Microphone
    * Dialup or Broadband Connection
    Flash installed on you browser.
    Supported Web browsers

    * Internet Explorer 6.0+
    * Firefox 1.5+
    * Opera 9.0+

    * Safari 2.0+
    * Firefox 1.5+
    * Opera 9.0+
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    Not really familiar with Gizmocall...its my first time to heard this one too..and I guess not really interested on gadgets and the likes so that figures why...but I am still thankful to be here at least I'm able to know a lot of things such as this thanks..maybe I will give it a try...

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    From the rates given above, seems to be costlier than Skype.
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    Smile Skype diverter

    If you have access to skype you can make even cheaper call using a new diverter for landline and cell phone calls.
    Your incoming calls will be 100% free while the outgoing calls will be charged as usual - as if you are calling from your landline when you are near it. The name of the adapter is Rylwy.
    I hope it help.


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    Ill go with the previous two posters on this one. I use Skype for all my overseas landlline calls and if (praise be) they also have Skype, its totally free. For instance I spoke for two hours from Spain (Europe) to Califoria (US) and it cost me absolutely nothing.

    You cant beat nothing.

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