With the advancement of VOIP technology people are able to get into contact with their friends and family and that too at cheap rates because of many companies who provide voip service. VOIP offer many different services and facilities and the main great benefit that voip customers get is making free calls to anywhere in the world.
With free voip services there are many companies who offer this service either by paying them monthly low cost subscriptions while some companies offer free worldwide calls for a limited time or duration. One company who offers free PC to PC calls is MediaRing, and this is company which has been established since 1993 and since then has grown to a high making it the leading voip provider in Asia.
There are many companies who have their own advantages and so on, but one advantage you would find with MediaRing is their excellent call quality. Customers with MediaRing can make unlimited number of calls to all destinations around the world, which can be made by PC to Mobile calls, instant messaging, multi user conferencing and Mobile to Pc calls. Calls made from PC to mobile are at affordable rates and rates which are actually lower than many other voip companies. The instant messaging service allows you to find people online and chat with them, and the customer who uses this service can also send unlimited text messages to anyone in the world.
The Multi User Conferencing facility by MediaRing allows users to set up conference calls with a maximum number of five people. And when making the conference call you can dial either mobile or landline numbers.