Millions of international calls are made all over the world every second and this includes both personal and business calls. As majority of the businesses these days are seen to have international tie-ups and a need to talk to businesses partners and colleagues overseas, it becomes essential to find a simple way of making international calls that is not only cheap but is also reliable and eco friendly. Many of us may not be aware that using a traditional landline phone and making calls using it results in elimination of carbon in the atmosphere. You might be wondering on whether it is true and the answer would be a big yes. This is a fact and we all are unknowingly contributing to the increase in the level of carbon in earth. However, making calls using VoIP would not have any such problem and help us in conserving the environment in a healthy way.
Setting up of a traditional phone involves a lot of wiring work, installation of the telephone unit, any other accessory that needs to be connected to the computer and other related activities that are required to having a conventional phone installed. As most of the components involved here are toxic substances, having them buried in the ground and inside the business would be a risk. Whereas using a VoIP phone to make call India and other countries would not only reduce the cost of making international calls but would also make the process secure and eco friendly.
As all the accessories that are involved in this set up use only electricity, there is no pollution or carbon collection involved. This, at the first place, makes it eco friendly and the installation process is also simpler when compared with the traditional one. One more most important advantage of using VoIP to make cheap PC to phone calls and internet to phone calls would not involve installation of any new hardware when you wish to upgrade. Any upgrade that needs to be done would be done using the software or informed to the VoIP service provider through email.
No physical change in the existing set up would be required in order to have the internet phone set up. All that would be required to be done would be to contact the VoIP service provider through email and to have the service activated. This would just take few hours and the user would be able to avail the service in no time unlike the traditional pattern. VoIP service best suits businesses as they would require regular upgrade in order to stay competitive and these upgrades can easily be done through VoIP. However, they would be paying very less extra money for the upgrades that they make and the process would be very simple too. Virtual PBX systems are yet another important feature of VoIP that makes it more eco friendly and user friendly. VoIP phones are not only cheap but are also a best way of being eco friendly.