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How to compare VOIP Services?

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    Default How to compare VOIP Services?

    Many of us are using VOIP to make cheap calls to India. You too can benefit from VOIP services; there are many packages available in the market and you should know which one to pick for your usage. Initially, there were only a few VOIP service providers in the industry however, today there are hundreds of VOIP companies in the market, which allows you to make cheap PC to phone calls to India. Not many of us know how to get the best VOIP deals. We think that the VOIP package that is the cheapest is the best deal. The lowest priced package need not be the best package for your needs. When you are comparing various VOIP services, you should take into consideration several factors to ensure that you are getting a package that meets your requirements in the most cost effective way.

    Your choice of VOIP services will depend on your specific needs. Some of us make use of VOIP for making business calls while others make use of it for personal usage. You will be able to get unlimited calls to India in your VOIP package but your package cost will be high for unlimited packages. However, you must choose unlimited packages only when you really use your VOIP phone extensively to call India. Many of us just blindly choose their VOIP package, they think that unlimited packages are the best, as they will not have to worry about paying additional money on their bill every month. While this may be true, not all of us will require unlimited calls to India. There are packages that come with 500 minutes of free talk time and for most of us, this should be good enough. So when you are comparing your VOIP services and packages, check for packages with the highest free minutes and pick the cheapest one in terms of cost per minute. While calculating your cost, take into consideration the free minutes as well.

    Some of the service providers will give you packages to specific countries. You can also compare such packages. If you are going to call only India, then there is no use spending money on global packages. So while searching for your VOIP packages, search for all packages pertaining to your geographic zone. This will help you narrow down your choices and reduce the amount of confusion.

    You should compare also the other value add services that come with your VOIP account. Some of the value add services may be essential and check whether you packages include those additional services without having to pay any additional money. Compare all-inclusive packages as well as packages where you can additional fee for add-ons. Compare the variation in the cost between both the options. Review your packages patiently so that you will not regret later; if you rush through the selection process, you may end up with a package that is not cost-effective.

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    Hi there..interesting..just curious if you have try this in your computer and how was it?

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