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Skype goes HD

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    Default Skype goes HD

    Skype is VOIP company which is not going to be left behind and they have now announced that they will be supporting high definition video calling, but this will be in its beta which is for Windows (version 4.2). Skype users will be able to have 720p HD video calling at 1024 x 768 pixals at the rate of up to 30 fps.

    But this is not it, as Skype users will also need to have a HD webcam, which are going to be released sometime in 2010. The cost of HD webcams will be anything between $69 to $140 and are available from the SkypeShop. Although the price is quite costly but its worth the money spent for those who use video calling and want clarity in their video calls.

    Unfortunately this is not the only requirement you also need a 1.8 GHz dual core processor and internet speed which is quite fast, its only by these requirements that you can get the best results.

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    Although those HD webcam prices have probably come down, purchasing something from Skype itself would be a bit costly and there would be a limitation on choice as well. It would be best to buy something from a store or even from an online store.

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    I will never prefer buying an HD webcam from Skype itself. It will be too much costly for people. Therefore we should choose reliable electronic digital media sores. These stores can have a lot of different brands. One can easily decide which one to choose that best suits his/her needs. I have already bought some for my friends and they were all awesome.

    Although this feature is very awesome but it also requires some system speciifcations. A normal person can't afford too much stuff, just for video calling.

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