Many of us are using SKYPE or YM to have voice calls etc over Internet.
They need a computer , and of course broadband Internet connection!
Voice Over Inteternet ( Short VOIP)
is another service available for which you don't need a computer except for
initial set up/ .
The diagram given below is self explanatory.
There are many VOIP providers in India.
Basic requirement:
1.An Internet connection Broadband
2.An adsl Modem
3. A VOIP router ( provider by the company or other s like Linksys)
4.And one or two phones of course!
5. Computer will be usually available with most.
(a)Set up as usual an internet connection.
(b)Then transfer the Rj45 to the VOIP UNIT.
(c) Usually the set up is automatic, and in case of Vonage, you get an LCD screen Display.
(d) Incase of difficulty, the unit can be programmed like any adsl modem.
(e) If all Ok , connect another RJ45 from the unit to computer.
More details later.( To be edited for word count !)