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Making Free Calls to Pakistan

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    Default Making Free Calls to Pakistan

    Making Free Calls to Pakistan

    Are you paying huge bills on making calls to Pakistan? Are you staying out of your country and are your phone bills pushing you to serious financial struggle? You can cut down your phone bills to close to nothing. You will be able to make free calls to Pakistan and thanks to the latest internet technology. You will be able to make use of VOIP services to make calls to Pakistan. VOIP stands for Voice Over IP and this is internet based telephony system. You will be able to make free calls to Pakistan using your computer and internet connection.
    There are many VOIP service providers with attractive packages for making free calls to Pakistan. You will be paying just fraction of the price for your VOIP prices and get free minutes to Pakistan. You will no more have to worry about huge telephone bills on your international calls. You will not be able to find such a cheap way of contacting your family and friends in Pakistan over the phone. Some people opt for calling cards in an effort to save money. Though getting calling cards will save you some money, your phone bills will still remain very high.
    VOIP phone is the ideal solution for making long distance calls to Pakistan. You will just need a computer with the internet connection. Today most people own computers or have laptops. Finding cheap internet connection is no big deal these days. Even after all these expenses, you will still find your VOIP calls to be much cheaper to making calls through your fixed line phones or your mobile phones.
    Today to remain competitive, mobile phone operators too offer highly competitive packages. However for people who are staying away from home these packages will not help. They make calls to Pakistan on daily basis and each call lasts for a very long time. You will never again have to look at your watch every other second because your internet telephony system will give you great relief from huge telephone bills. If you find the right service provider you will even be able to find unlimited calling packages that will make your calls to Pakistan even more economical.
    Whether you are a student overseas or someone that has taken up a job abroad, VOIP is your ideal solution. In many families the breadwinner stays away in another country leaving their family and children. They get to meet their family once in a year or once in two years. This can be highly depressing for families. Now with the help of internet telephony system you can make free calls to Pakistan and keep yourself up to date with the daily happenings. This will minimize the pain of separation to a great extent.
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    dont make free calls to pakistan IB & NIA will pick you for that.
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    There are no restrictions on making calls to Pakistan or any other country. If there was then government would come out with clear instructions.

    A friend of mine calls up random police stations in Pakistan and messes around some times It is fun listening to those calls.
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    interestingly, a family friend of ours (an uncle of mine) living in delhi, when once employed with 'baba zarda' company, he used to call to pakistan for business-purposes freqently. but once, a friend of his well-placed in some govt. deptt. and within proximity of intel-officials, warned him to refrain from doing so as he was apparently being monitored and could've at any moment been hauled for questioning. this was was a little short of 2 decades back.

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    Things have kind of changed now. Lots of people have business interests in Pakistan and even those people who have relatives across the border make lots of phone calls and use other messaging apps on a regular basis. You would be surprised to know how many people have blood relations on the other side of the border.
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    i had read an account of a person some weeks ago who had written about meeting an elderly pakistani sindhi couple in a train once; Tarek Fatah also keeps roaming in the country (he also has relatives at Amdavaad).

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