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EcoCaller VoIP Service

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    Default EcoCaller VoIP Service

    There are several VoIP service providers available in the market that is offering numerous plans in order to attract customers for their service. Rather itís being good for the customers. EcoCaller is one f the VoIP providers which provides $1 credit in order to try it completely free.

    Prior discussing any other thing let me clear you out that EcoCaller provide $1 to its users that register on it. This credit can be utilized by the caller to make call to any country for free. With its help one can easily make free calls to India.

    Follow the steps for free credit of
    1. Logon to the and register yourself.
    2. After being verified by the customer service team, your free account will be activated. A notification email will be send to you as soon as your account will be activated.
    3. Your account details will be provided to you by the mean of mail and text message.

    Best Features:
    1. Cheap & affordable rates for international calling.
    2. Free of cost roaming.
    3. Easy recharge options.
    4. SIM & contacts not required.
    5. Forced advertisement, monthly minimum subscription and access numbers will not be there.
    6. Phoneís internet service and Wi-Fi is used in order to make the calls. You can check your connection speed with our speed test. Recent SIP technology is being used by the EcoCaller.

    You can download the EcoCaller to your SmartPhone. EcoCaller is compatible with the iPad, iPhone, iPod, Blackberry Mobiles, Android Phones, Nokia Symbian Mobiles and Windows Mobile. IPod Touch, iPad and iPhone allows its users to download EcoCaller directly from their market by searching ecocaller. By searching ecocaller in the android market, it can be easily downloaded to the Android cell phone.

    In case you are not having a smartphone, still you can logon to EcoCaller through its webphone.

    The EcoCaller calling rates are:
    1. For mobile numbers of India, 1.2 cents for one minute.
    2. For mobile numbers of Pakistan, 3 cents for one minute.

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    hey Alok nice thread.. (though advertising is not good here)

    what is the cost of calling to Russian mobiles in cents?
    and where is data centre located at?
    job takes the child away.

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    Thanks Mickey... General rates for Russian Mobiles are 4.2 cents per minute.... well, the rates may vary according to the network provider like Megafon, Global Star or MTS.. they operate from UK and Ireland but I don't have clear idea about their data center.

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    try - it's better and cheaper

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