Are you living in the Middle East and you are paying very much for the international calls, then I am having something for you. There are several VoIP providers that are banned in the Middle East: Dubai, UAE etc., whereas I am having a solution for you: Spokn Collect Calls works even in Middle East.

Prior using this amazing service, you need to register on Spokn and have to purchase some credits. Now let’s check out what exactly is Spokn Collect Calls and how it works.

Spokn Collect Calls
Spokn used to display a distinctive phone number of USA as your caller ID as you call any of your contact number. In case they want to call you, then they can give a miss call to the unique USA number and the Spokn automatically do a call back to them and connects you.

A detailed explanation: Lets your family lives in India and you live in Dubai.
1. You have to enable the Collect call feature after being registered with Spokn.
2. You need to provide the 5 contact numbers of your family members in India. By doing this the Spokn will select a unique USA contact number for each of these family numbers.
3. When you will call to any of your contact, a unique contact number of USA will display at their screen. They have to save that number. All the 5 contacts will receive calls from different numbers, so they need to save this contact number to their phone book.
4. Now your family has to call to this USA number.
5. Spokn will check the incoming call to your number and will automatically disconnect the call without receiving it. Your family number will not be charged for this international call.
6. After this the Spokn will call to your family member’s contact number, as soon as this call be received it then dial your Spokn ID and will connect to the device you were using. You have to be aware of the fact that you can use the Spokn dialer on your mobile phone or on your PC.
7. Now it’s your turn to answer the call and you can talk as much as you want. You will be charged for the call to your contact’s number.

The Spokn collect call feature works for the Middle East countries including UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait.

Spokn has also reduced the rates for some special destinations –
Singapore – Now 1.5 cents / min (reduced 25%)
Pakistan – Now 4 cents / min (reduced 50%)
India – Now 1.5 cents / min (reduced 25%)
China – Now 1.5 cents / min (reduced 25%)

Therefore, if you are currently living in UAE, Dubai or any other country of Middle East then the Spokn is the best option for you. You can easily save a lot of your phone bill with it.