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Free World Dial Up: One of the Good VoIP Providers

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    Default Free World Dial Up: One of the Good VoIP Providers

    Free world dial up is a new service that enables good working of the VoIP that is the Voice over internet protocol. Some of the advantages of this Free World Dial Up, is that it is free of calls, allows users to make clear sound calls, it is compatible with both Mac and Linux operating systems and you can also make calls between non FD users. It has some drawbacks but then you canít have everything. A few of its drawbacks include latency problem and non FWD calls require extra digit for you to dial up. All you have to do is download the free world dial up app and you will be able to make calls to FWD users and other internet phone networks.

    With the help of FWD of free world dial up connection you can make free and easy phone calls just by using your PC headset and microphone. Gone are the days when you have to register to service providers and get entangled in all kinds of billing systems just to make phone calls. All that become has very easy with the introduction of FWD. This is free software and allows you to make free phone calls anywhere in the world.

    You just have to do one simple thing to avail yourself with the service of FWD. All you have to do is download a softphone which is the third party software which allows you to enable the FWD services. This softphone will allow you to make calls with your PC, notebook or any hand held device. It can also be used in an IP phone. An IP phone is that which connects to a Digital Subscriber Line or a cable router and doesnít require any kind of assistance from the PC at all. This third party software of softphone is required because FWD is a service provider and is only responsible for routing the calls. The third party makes sure that a connection is established for this routing of calls.

    All you have to do is chose a routing path for your calls and then download the software at the two points of communication. New York and San Francisco are the two major paths for softphone routing. You can choose one which suits you best and after that a six digit FWD code will be assigned to you. This will all be done in a matter of few minutes.

    According to tests conducted to review the working of this Free World Dial Up, New York and San Francisco were chosen two softphone points. Once the software was downloaded it was working efficiently and it didnít take much time to build up. Moreover, the tests reviewed that clear sound was heard between New York and San Francisco. Both parties used USB headsets to communicate. At some point latency was witnessed but it was nothing at all and could be easily ignored, although experiences may differ according to your location.

    When compared with Skype it can be seen that it is an open network which Skype is not. Meaning you are allowed to make call to users using FWD as well as non FWD users. All you have to do is add three extra digits to your already six digit code number and you can call any network you want. These extra digits can be said to be VoIP codes.

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