Packet 8 is yet another fantastic service that allows you to make international calls in an efficient manner. If you agree to take their services you can enjoy the facility of unlimited long distance calls at quite reasonable prices. They offer many flat rate international plans in the hope of covering international market in making long distance phone. With increasing globalization the requirement of having a legit service to avail you with low cost long distance phone call can come in real handy and can also help you to save a lot of money. It provides superb connectivity and coverage all across U.S. along with enhanced 911 supports.

One drawback of Packet 8 is that it charges extra service cost for the enhanced 911 support. Also sometimes the voice quality depletes when simultaneous internet updates are taking place along with the phone call. These are a few things that you have to take care of if you choose to take the long distance call services of Packet 8. If you wish to replace your current phone service then Packet 8 is the safest VoIP connection that you can get especially the enhanced 911 calling set. The enhanced 911 calling separates it from the general VoIP calls thereby making this line extremely secure. The unlimited minute residential plan is the best plan for general usage. It is also the cheapest plan under Packet 8. You can get this plan at just $19.95 per month.

After you get the Packet 8 services started you can very easily access and handle your account with the help of a web based interface. All the information and details regarding your Packet 8 plan is available in this account from where you can view all your customer details. You can edit your settings and also upgrade your plan if you require better services. Everything can be handled from this account which is password protected. Other activities that you can control through this account include viewing call activity, review your past and current bills, check call history, set any kind of call blocking if required disable and enable various calling facilities like international calling and changing you voicemail password. If you want you can also manage this account through your phone. PC is not a limitation here. If you are away from home then you can check in your Packet 8 account from your phone and do whatever you require to do with it.

Actually there are two residential plans by Packet 8, one for U.S. and one for Canada. Both these plans are the cheapest residential plans that you can ever find. It also offers business plans for enabling international calling facility for international trade purposes. Packet 8 offer two business plans which are reasonably priced and can turn out to b quite beneficial in terms of saving money. The plans have to be paid for month to month. You do not have to make any commitment or contract with Packet 8. They do not force their services in customers they let their service performance speak for themselves.