The Avantage- Dual handset phone system, E911 support, access to 2 phone numbers and technical support.

The Disadvantage
- Voice quality variations, not getting access to fax capability, do not support Firefox.

About the SunRocket- This VoIP service provider will be providing you access to attractive features at affordable costs. Customers will be getting access to 911 enhanced services and for which they will have to pay $199 and $16.58 every month. If you compare the price range, then SunRocket is providing you all these services at a cheaper rate when compared with Lingo, Packet8 and BroadVoice, for which you will be charged at $19.99 each month. Customers will also get access to monthly plan for which they will have to pay $24.95 and get expandable system, 2 phone numbers. The sad aspect is that customers will not be getting good quality of voice, as divergent results have been recorded during testing time and this will vary according to system specifications.

The best part is that in case, you are unsatisfied with SunRocket service and have voice quality issues, then you will not be charged with cancellation fees and balance amount will be refunded by the company. It is best to install this SunRocket service and experience yourself its amazing results. This can be easily tested through 2 phone numbers and setting up your hardware. It is imperative that you should have access to wireless router; multiple PCs and cable modem. You should read the installation guide that comes along with the installation kit and connect to AC-211-SR proprietary Gizmo adapter to router and modem. As soon as you plug in, the dial tone will come in and it will take just 30 seconds for activating voicemail. This is completely web process and it requires selection of PIN and rings for diversion of calls. It will work similar to cell phone and recording and retrieving messages is easy.

The online portal of SunRocket will provide you access to calling features, account information, personal phonebook and voicemail. Customers will be getting access to following services- call blocking, three-way calling, voicemail, local and long-distance calling, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding services. All the services provided are logically organized; it can be easily navigated and configured. Not only this, customers will be getting access to 2 phone number and each having different area codes and ring. This VoIP service is equipped with do not disturb distinguishing feature that will route all incoming calls to your voicemail. You will also get access to option of Find Me through which you will have access to 3 numbers. Customers will be able to retrieve all messages through their VoIP phone and if there are more messages waiting, then you will get alert through red flashing LED, dial tone and LCD of phone. SunRocket will be providing customers with more of notification options like instant messaging, e-mail and phone call. You can make use of Firefox and listen to online voicemail and its downloaded versions are quite static.