The advantage- Get access to telephone adapters, affordable business and home plans, easy manageable account and call forwarding services.

The Disadvantage- Expensive VoIP service provider

Vonage VoIP Service provider-
There are hundreds of VoIP service providers, but the enhanced call quality that can be provided to customers by Vonage will replace all the traditional services. Vonage was launched just 3 years back and today it offers its clients with wide variety of solutions and customer support that can solve all your business problems in few seconds. Customers should get ready to pay $14.99 and $24.99 for getting residential services and commercial houses will be getting this service at $39.99 and $49.99. The sad aspect is this that customers will be required to shed few pennies extra from their pocket, but the services are competitively advantageous and this is inclusive of Packet8 and transferring of present phone numbers.

Customers will be delighted to get economical fax services and easy installation. Business organizations prefer using affordable VoIP services through which they can save their money on international calling. You can easily sign up for membership plan of Vonage and get access to installation kit, inclusive of RT31P2 Linksys telephone/router adapter, user guide and installation guide and learn how to do configuration of voicemail. RT31P2 Linksys is an Ethernet router three ports has a distinctive feature of quality and will balance the data and voice traffic on various networks

In order to create your account, you will be required to provide for account information and this should be done after getting dial tone. You should have access to username, password, virtual phone number, phone number. This step can be easily performed by visiting on official website of Vonage and using dialing service of 911. This is basically a three step process and in order to access the right service location, you need to provide physical address. The advantage of using Vonage is that in case if there is no access to power to internet service, then automatically call gets forwarded. This benefit is not provided with POTS line and other VoIP service providers. Check out all the outgoing and incoming calls, virtual numbers and billing history on Dashboard i.e. default screen on official web page of Vonage.

There are three plans for residential customers, first one being Premium Unlimited $24.99 per month plan and enjoy unlimited number of calls to Canada and United States. Second one is $14.99 plan through which you can enjoy five hundred minutes every month in Canada and U.S. if you exceed 500 minutes, you will be charged with 3.9 cents for every minute. Customers will have to pay the activation fee of $29.99 along with $9.95 for shipping and handling charges. There are two business plans, the first one being $49.99 that gives you access to unlimited distance calling to Canada and United Sates.

The second one being $39.99 that provides 1500 minutes and 3.9 cents will be charged on exceeding. Business clients will get fax line activation for free along with 500 minutes too and residential customers will have to pay $9.99 for availing this service and only 250 minutes. On every account, customers will be getting access to services such as call forwarding, voicemail, three-way calling, call return, call hunt and international call blocking. The rates are extremely affordable for different International countries charging 3 cents for Japan, 9 to 18 for Caribbean and 7 cents for Mexico. Its best services include 911 services and get access to 311 calling services. The best aspect is that all your needs will be taken care of when you send an authorization letter to company.