A few days ago, one of our readers has made a post regarding a new VoIP service provider that is offering very affordable international calls to several countries. We are now discussing about a new entry named LowPriceCall.

LowPriceCall offers very affordable international calling mainly to Europe, USA, Canada, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Australia and African Countries.

Characteristics of LowPriceCall:
Minimum commitment or no contract.
They offer 24 X 7 customer care service.
Effective online account management.
User can check the call log online.
Pinless dialing.
Call Back Facility.
PC to landline calling and PC to mobile phone calling.
Softphone Web Phone On Desktop.
Application - App For your smartphone.
Minimum purchase credits USD 10.00.

Low Price Calls to India:
It provides cheap calls from India and cheap calls to India.
India (Landline) - 0.014 USD
India (Mobile) - 0.011 USD

Low Price Calls to Australia:
It provides cheap calling from and to Australia.
Australia (Landline) - 0.013 USD
Australia (Mobile) - 0.084 USD

Steps to make call to Australia through LowPriceCall:
1. Dial any of the Australian contact number, whether it is a mobile number or a landline number from the softphone installed on your computer desktop. You can easily get less expensive quality talking service.
2. You can also get the mobile app and you can use it to call your family members and friends after installing this app to your smartphone.

Less Costly Calls to Pakistan:
Pakistan (Landline) - 0.030 USD
Pakistan (Mobile) - 0.029 USD

Less Costly Calls to Philippines:
Philippines (Landline) - 0.103 USD
Philippines (Mobile) - 0.12 USD