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VOIP using a wireless data card

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    Default VOIP using a wireless data card

    If you have read my previous posts you already know that I have a new data card for my laptop and I got it from t-mobile here in UK for £20 month which is about Rs1700 a month and its not bad when I didnít have to pay for the data card and its an 18 month contract so all I pay is £20 a month for 18 months and there is a soft cap of 2gb per month which is more then enough for what I use my laptop for.

    I tried using voip using skype and google talk and connected to the internet via my data card which is supposed to give a max speed of 384kbps and an upload of 128kbps which is far away from reality as I checked the speed at a number of different locations and found the actual speeds no where near the claimed figures.
    But voip is not a problem with this technology and I talked to a lot of people today in states, Canada, France and a few in India and found a little bit of delay when I talk to some one in India but rest of the locations were fine no delay nothing and even the problem with the Indian connection I think is on the other end as the people I spoke to have a sify connection and it is 64kbps so what more do you expect from it.

    End of the day I am happy with the performance of my data card and coverage of t-mobile is great but I cannot really comment on other operators network without using them so no comparisons here all I mean is that I am happy with what I am getting and I think I have got what I paid for. J J

    Please leave your comments if you have tried voip using a data card be it any where in the world.

    PS: I wrote this article back in 2005 sometime in summer

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    This is similar like using Skype services over a Broadband connection, isn't it?

    The one issue that I find is that the lag also produces an echo - I often use Yahoo voice or Skype for calling from abroad to my home in India (landline/cell). Sometimes I get an echo and sometimes not - well 50% of the times.
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