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Directing database/files to local server from web server

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    Default Directing database/files to local server from web server

    Is there any possibilty to direct a database/files from web server to local server?

    All the files which sent through a website gets directly stored in the webserver. I dont have much free space in the web server to store all the files. for ex. consider careers section: When i advertise any opening in the news paper at that time i may receive 100's of resumes directed to my website. I dont have enough web server space to store all the documents. I found a solution that the files can be directed to my local server. But i dont know how to do it. Help me guys.

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    I know this post is quite old, but I still replyting in the hope that it would be helpful to somebody coming here through search engines.

    I suggest that instead of allowing to upload files, store fieldwise info in a database. It will also make sorting the data very simple. For eg: A basic resume file which may take 200 KB in word doc format may be stored under 20 KB in the database.

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    ^^ i know you bumped the old thread, but your info is interesting..

    that gives a perception that you are good in database management..

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