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Confirmation email from 000webs

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    Default Confirmation email from 000webs

    Why am not getting confirmation email from 000webs?

    This is the common question of all web hosting seekers. The reason is, 000webs does not reject your application. But you can still see the message, "Account pending verification". That is a fake message.

    The reason for rejection is, 000webs faces many problems from some countries. Unfortunately, we indians are also in the list. So if they find a user from their blacklisted country, they keep the accounts, in pending state permanently. Atleast , i appreciate that they dont want to hurt anyone by a rude rejection message.

    So there are two remedies.
    1.Pack up to a different country.
    2. Use proxy,

    Get a proxy to show your country as US. I prefer US, because US is not under their blacklist and i dont know about other countries. Once you register , you will get a shock. There are no such workflow called, approval. At once you register, you will be taken to the control panel.

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    I blacklist such hosting services. I have question for this site. "arent there any spammers from your country?" or either write it simply like a dns provider wrote"we don accept registrations from your country/region" i think this is more appropriate rather than making people think these companies are so premium.
    By the way,whats so special with Try i use it and since registration didnt got any problem. And if you spam/abuse any service provider can delete your account. So pls don make them so special.
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    Don't use such type of hosts, I just don't want to waste my time discussing about them. There are other hosting providers you can try such as I have used their services and they are offering good ones. But the main thing has they put an advertisement on our site. The second best shot I like is hosting. It is the best free hosting provider working online. It ahs an outstanding panel that can be sued to access website data. They are also offering cheap premium web hosting. You can try them for sure.

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