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Can i use's custom toolbar?

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    Default Can i use's custom toolbar?

    Can i use's custom toolbar in my blog while using google adsense.
    as adsense doesnt allow to post link to other sites that lets u earn income.

    i'm telling this because, after i confirmed my email verification to they redirected me to their dashboard,where it had shown my earning page
    please check the image.and tell me if is ok to use's toolbar.
    and also suggest other free online custom toolbar builder for blogs

    this is the image link .copypaste it to the url to view the image

    please type http in place of ' * ' as i'm not allowed to post links to other sites due to my less no of posts

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    someone please reply?

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    Romeo, the rewards you are earning from your Conduit-powered Community Toolbar are not connected to your Google adsense account. Participating in one program will not affect your participation in the other program.

    Your Conduit Rewards are based on a PPI rate that is calculated within the first 30 days of your toolbar being approved by Conduit. If you have additional questions about the programs, or your rewards, feel free to contact our support group directly (support [at] conduit [dot] com)

    Community Building and Social Media Marketing Manger, Conduit.

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