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Web hosting service in India

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    If you are going to build an online empire for your featured business need them, you need some basic internet element in the very fast. These are like, your dream domain name, featured, good looking and information rich website and obviously a fast and reliable web hosting service. If you are looking for a web hosting service in India then, here is few lines which will help you to choose a better hosting service.
    Here we are going to cover up hosting service on the basis of a geographical region. So we categorize the web hosting in to two types.

    1: - Service providers which server setup and all infrastructure located in India with.
    2: - Service providers in India, which server and all infrastructure setup located in different regions like, USA, UK, and some different region of the world.

    Now if your building a website targeting to India customer then better is to go to India based company in India based server setup.
    If we are targeting Indian customer and our customers should be basically from India only and if our server is located in India then it will help to load the site very firstly. Although now a days of technology files are uploading and downloading at an incredible speed, but still geographically location matters a lot. You can get a good advantage in terms of local listing, also it will good for search engine as your server and users are located in the same region.
    Now if you are targeting a world wide user then hosting in any regions doesn't matter a lot. But, the speed, update time, and supports matters a lot for any web hosting.

    Now Some more tips to choose a great web hosting provider.
    1: - Never compare price when are choosing a web hosting service. Because so many companies in India providing hosting service at a very low price, but have you ever check what kind of facility and how much space they are providing. Sometimes a provider gives a chef web hosting service, but he rises the price at the time of renewal
    2: -In some cases you will get a cheap hosting service, but the server may be blacklisted or used for sending spamming mail. If you use this king of server then it will create a bad impression of the search engine.
    3: - Be careful about monthly plan and annual plan! Sometimes providers mention a very low price for the hosting, but that one you have to pay monthly. Basically a web hosting service has an annual payment option. Some companies split it into a monthly package to attract users.
    So be careful when you are choosing a web hosting service provider in India. Before signing up with a company in India you can cross check the company by checking internet reviews and ratings. is a company who is providing web hosting service at a very considering price. Only thing is you have to invest some time and research to get a best web hosting service for your dream website.
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    There are many options available in India these days like leapswitch, Godaddy, Hostdime, Bluehost and many more. All of these have servers in India and I have used their services myself apart from bluehost which is a new entry into the Indian market.

    I had to remove your link as that looked like your only motivation to post this thread.


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