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Web Hosting in Pakistan

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    Default Web Hosting in Pakistan

    Sky Host Pk is a best web hosting company in Pakistan

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    First of all you posted in the wrong section. When you go spamming on forums you at least need to know how not to get caught. The only reason I approved this spammy post of your is that I would now like to post some facts about what you call the "best web host in Pakistan".

    Sky is just a webhosting provider who happens to deal more with customers from Pakistan and nothing else. The servers they use are not located within Pakistan. Your website claims you are the best Pakistani host and give an impression that servers you sell are physically located within Pakistan. The problem does not stop there, your website does not mention any where about the location of the servers so I had to send a message asking about the location and your reply was the lousiest reply I have ever had from a web host.

    I am still looking for webhosting physically located in Pakistan but after trying out three different hosting services I just gave up and host my Pakistan targeted websites in USA and use a CDN instead.

    If some one is looking for a web hosting company in Pakistan then please be advised that you can buy hosting from any company world wide and don't have to rely upon half decent web hosts that have to resort to spamming to get customers. If you are looking for a Pakistani IP then Nexus is a good option but on some ISPs your site wont load fast enough. PTCL is expensive and there is a cloud provider as well which I wont name who charges a lot and I had more then 3 days down time in a row on their so called cloud.

    Web hosting in Pakistan is not really a good idea as the infrastructure and the know how required for trouble free operations just don't exist there yet. Hope fully in future things might change but for now they are only doing well as far as jihaad is concerned and everything else seems to have taken a back seat.
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    Well said! lol!!
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