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Starting a post2host forum in India?

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    Default Starting a post2host forum in India?

    I create a website and forum but I am very confused on creating a forum section.

    There is very few number of Free hosting company in India so I started a new free post2host site, It will allow users to post only 3 to 4 post per month and host website at free of cost. No any advertisement or link will be put on your blog/site.

    I don't want to provide free subdomain due to lack of resource. (server limit)

    I am looking for peoples who can join my forum and help me in moderation(I am not posting a link because of I don't like s-pam-m-ing in others forum. I love to post sp-am on my own forum )

    What do you think about this type of host in India? It will be good or bad or it will only waste my time and money?


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    Why would you limit how much content can be posted on the website, and why would you put no ads? Where the money to run the servers will come from? You intend to be associative?

    I mean, one of the hardest thing is probably to bring content on blog or website. The more content you get on your platform, the more people there will be, the more opportunities you may think about. So it sounds like you want to limit your success. For an association where you pay all the costs yourself, I may understand because success and popularity means more traffic, and more traffic obviously means more money to spend on your host. Okay. But if you want to be a successful platform, maybe you should rethink your approach to target more people and avoid useless limits.

    For your information, I don't think that if someone puts 1 or 10 articles, it will do much difference on your server and on your bills, especially if you separate the database of each website. It is a question of what, maybe, 100 KiB of your hard disk, instead of 10? And that is only if your writer is motivated enough to write 100,000 char
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    It is really not clear what you want to achieve.

    Is it just to get content on your forum?

    If this is the case then there are better ways of getting content.

    Do you want to become a paid webhost at some point?

    Free hosting candidates would not convert. There are too many free options and the moment you talk about money the birds will fly away.

    My advise to you would be to ask yourself a simple question:

    What is it that I want to accomplish/achieve?

    Once you have an answer to this question please post it here and I am sure you will have a lot more clarity of thoughts and means to achieve your goals.

    I am only human and I am wrong some times

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