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Traffic Generation

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    In order to make money with website, it is important to achieve a good traffic. The more visitor viewed a website, the more traffic is created and the possibility of more money in produced. I am just wondering if there is a disadvantage in using traffic generation as a strategy in making money online? Is there other strategy to be considered aside from generating a traffic in a specific website?

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    I think it is just like a regular off-line business. For selling a product you need to have a good visibility so that people are aware of your presence. Otherwise it will be a failure. In the same way through traffic generation you are just enhancing your site's visibility. This is not mandatory that everybody who visit your site buy something. But a good visibility need to be maintained.

    I could not understand what did you indicate by disadvantage in traffic generation? It's only a part of the business and it is a legit way to do business.

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