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    I am planning to build my own web blogging site. I am currently looking for a free hosting site because I dont have a penny to purchase a domain name and to be hosted by a certain hosting site. Is it possible to find a free hosting site? What would be the possible perfect content for my blog to become attractive to viewers and will generate my site a traffic then later on earn me some penny?

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    When writing a blog, there's already a lot out there covering every subject that you can imagine so you have to realise that competition is fierce, and you won't be making money over night.

    You should pick a topic that you are interested about, and something that you can write passionately about, as people will want engaging content.

    A lot fall into the trap of picking a topic that they think will make money, rather than writing about something they have a genuine interest in.

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    I think Weebly has got some good offers for free. Just check it out.

    When it comes to the content, nobody can tell you which is the ideal one. Only you can decide that. You should have at least some knowledge about it and should be interested in it. Then only you will also love what you are doing. This will also help you to have quality interactions with the visitors you have in your blog. Some may put useful comments in your blog and you should be able to correct if they are wrong. If you are into earning on-line income, do not forget Google Addsense.

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